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Aircraft Recurrent Certification
Aircraft  Export Certificate of Airworthiness - Aircraft EC of A


The following are some of the services provided that bring together the documentation package required for submission to your DAR:

Research of the aircraft's documents

Generate the forms tailored to your specific aircraft and the certification being sought
Your mechanic just needs to review and sign the forms

You provide the information - we do the work:
 N#, serial #, make and model, engine information, propeller information, TCDS, STCs, installed equipment and other pertinent information

We provide an up-to-date AD list.  Your mechanic does the inspections and signs off

We prepare the necessary log book entries

We provide a completed application ready for your mechanic's verification and signature

Our documents become part of your aircraft records

Our experience will save you both time and money


Piston Single: $ 495.00 US Dollars

Piston Twin: $ 595.00 US Dollars

Normal working time is one week after receipt of the aircraft information


Phone (973) 539-0110


DAR: FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative


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